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Who are we?


Founded in 1947, Maped is an independent, French, and family-owned brand, and world leader in school supplies and accessories. Today, the group counts: 

  • 1 430 employees 
  • €M161 in sales for 2021 
  • 7 brands
  • 3 integrated production sites 
  • A presence on 5 continents and in more than 120 countries with 17 international subsidiaries 

Maped helix’s mission

To empower every child to change the world with  their own hands.

To make access to education easier to develop every child’s potential.

To develop products that are more sustainable, nurture imagination, and encourage children to learn. 

To lead by example by placing our environmental commitment at the heart of our decisions. 

And to do it all together, hand in hand. 

Our values


We monitor how the world changes and how children’s needs change with it to offer solutions that don’t yet exist.


We are proud of our history, are aware of our strengths as much as our shortcomings, and are determined to always question our actions.  


We run from convention and banality! We make our own rules and challenge the status quo to be trailblazers in our markets. 


Our energy is dedicated to providing inventive, reliable, and sustainable learning tools that respect the highest academic and environmental standards.

Civic Engagement

We fight to serve our children’s education and to help children change the world with their own hands. 

Maped’s history


Claude Lacroix created MAPED, a “Manufacture d’Articles de Précision et de Dessin” in Annecy, France that acquired its fame thanks to the legendary brass compass.
For almost 40 years, MAPED has specialised in the manufacture of geometry sets intended for design offices, designers, and architects. Because, if you remember well, before computers, inclined tables with sliding rulers and a brass compass with millimetric calibration were the staples of any technical drawing station!


Maped’s first diversification with the arrival of scissors. That same year, Jacques Lacroix took over the family company.


MAPED acquired Mallat, French leader in Erasers (including the iconic pink and blue Duo Eraser) and started manufacturing erasing and marking products.


This is a turning point for the group with the creation of its Chinese subsidiary based in Suzhou, which accelerates diversification by integrating staplers, punches, and office accessories.


MAPED expands internationally with the opening of subsidiaries in Argentina (1999), Mexico (2002), Brazil (2003), Canada, the USA (2005), Greece and Germany (2006), and finally Turkey (2009).


Launch of Color’Peps, a wide range of innovative colouring products which currently represents ¼ of the group’s sales.


Launch of our WRITING tools and soon after, the Twin Tip 4 ball point pen (the 4-colour twin tip ball point pen) which is a hit.


Creation of subsidiaries in India and Peru.


Maped acquired and integrated Helix, the UK’s leading school accessory manufacturer, and thus consolidates its position in Anglo-Saxon countries. And also: creation of the Russian subsidiary.


Maped continued its diversification with the acquisition of Joustra, French designer and manufacturer of creative sets for children.


Launch of Maped Picnik, a collection of 100% reusable mobile products for a more sustainable world.


Launch of Maped Creativ, fun and innovative creative activities for children.


Creation of a new brand signature.


Upgrade of the OHSAS 18001 safety standard to ISO 45001 in France.

Opening of the Mino lab at the French headquarters to better observe our products in use.

Creation of the 1% for education fund.


Maped Helix certified as a “Great Place to Work”

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