MAPED Smiling Planet Eraser Precision FSC 2’s


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MAPED Smiling Planet Eraser Precision FSC 2's R40
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THE RESPONSIBLE ERASER: PVC and phthalate free eraser with an ergonomic sleeve that is composed of 50% FSC-certified wood fibres. This Smiling Planet eraser lives up to its name! This responsible composition reduces the amount of plastic by 50%.
ERGONOMIC AND COMPACT: With its original design and ideal dimensions, the Smiling Planet eraser has it all! It easily finds its place in the pencil case or on a desk. Its ergonomic textured sleeve makes it easy for children to hold.
CLEAN: The dust free formula of the Maped Precision eraser ensures graphite is removed from the paper easily with reduced mess and residue.
SMILING PLANET COLLECTION: The Smiling Planet school supply collection offers children and teenagers the essential back-to-school accessories while being responsible and committed to the planet.