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DIY Fathers Day Surprise Card

DIY Father’s Day Surprise Card

To surprise your dad for Father’s Day, here is an original and easy gift idea.

A colouring page that unfolds a surprise! As you unfold it, a new drawing appears. This surprise card is a great gift to express all your love to your dad for Father’s Day. A heart colouring page to fold and unfold to reveal a nice surprise: the whole heart family! You can add a little note inside or on the back: “Happy Daddy’s Day, I love you!” etc.

Download the surprise card template for free and print it on a white sheet. There is a colouring version and a pre-coloured version for all levels.


Step 1
Download and print the templates.
Step 2
Colour the template in.
Hint: The big heart that appears on one side and the other will be joined once the page is folded and should be coloured in the same colour for a harmonious result.
DIY Fathers Day Surprise Card
Step 3
Once the drawing is coloured, fold it following the dotted lines indicated at the top and bottom. Fold each folded part towards the middle to create the final image. The pattern drawn twice is formed thanks to the two parts, and the interior drawing is now hidden.

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